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We provide custom designs for Police and Fire, Clubs, Unions and Organizations. We would like to help support your Organization/Union.  We’d like to propose the following for your Union: 

* We will create a custom design t-shirt for your site as our donation ($500 value). We have several samples of our custom design work on our current site devoted to Police and Fire. Click here to view our Police and Fire custom work 

* We will offer the t-shirt design on our website for online orders. Our shirts include men’s and women’s Ts, Long sleeves, Hoodies and Baseball Jerseys. All apparel and printing are made in the USA. All cost to produced will be absorbed by the customer and we provide fulfillment and shipping, then the proceeds of these orders goes to your Union. 

* We will feature and promote your Union on our website and work with anyone you send our way to help you. We have worked with many organizations for the military and are now looking to support our Police, Fire, Unions. By clicking here, you can view the Orgs we've supported for the Military 

* Another way we help is by offering our Affiliate program to other websites that also wish to support your Organization/Union so that you can reach larger audiences with your message. Our “Call of Duty” Affiliate Program is about helping each other succeed. Any business wishing to help grow your cause can "Call of Duty" Affiliate Program and share in any fund raising they help us with, by simply adding a banner to their site. We look forward to helping support your Union. 

Please contact us and let us know if you are interested in moving forward so we can get started on your Custom Shirt Design! We can be reached by email at